Tilda's Creations Presents:  Up-Cycling and Sew Crafting - "Art is a way of knowing..."

 The Collage Projects depicted are exclusive property of Tilda's Creations..

Textile Collage Samples- up-cycling hobby
Retold Children's Stories- used at craft fairs

Stress Management Series - professional therapy tool
Expressive Arts Series - used for personal expression


    "The New Cathedrals"
Tilda Virgilio -Original collage art

Political statement on our ever changing view of the horizon.

use of magazine clippings and images from discarded books mounted on a discarded canvas with ugly trees painted on it...but the sky was perfect....So the trees were covered with cut out pictures.

Collage crafting has been around a long time. Tilda's Creative Collage Crafting uses that art form to "up-cycle". We use scraps of textiles, old pictures and magazine clippings. Anything one can glue can be used. All work is unique and one of a kind. It is a creative and enjoyable way to learn how to RECYCLE and REUSE what you already have. We make a treasure from trash.

We all have creative abilities to uncover.

We offer collage assembly, using your pictures, your magazines and odds and ends. This "hands on" approach is fun and FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES!!

You can clean up those boxes of old pictures and magazines. You can create a memory to gift or keep and  REDUCE your carbon foot print and leave a CREATIVE FINGERPRINT all at the same time.

Our small group crafting circles can be just for fun, or can be used as a form of personal discovery or self awareness.

Collage assembly is one of the quickest ways to express yourself, create a quick & easy art piece,,,,go into the "zone". It can take you away from your every day cares...even for just a short time!

Take a look at some of our samples on the "About Us" page...and then send an e mail so you can make your own.

You can have a private session or book a group.

Paper Towel/Toilet Paper Rolls become document containers
Tin Cans, Coffee Cans, personalized gifts or yard ornaments
Thrift Shop & Yard Sale Finds - Refurbish and re purpose
The uses are only limited by your imagination.

Take some boxes and flatten. We used old calendar and pages from children's book
Brush on white glue and adhere. Seal with final coat of white glue.
It dries clear & seals the edges. Clear vinyl "contact" can also work.

recycle, gift box, trash to treasure

 green art, collage assembly, gift box, repurpose paper


                                       Let dry and you have a gift box!

Visit the "About Us" page for upcoming exhibits and art challenges.
or Contact Tilda for more information


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